Product approval & certification

BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

Client Managed Inspection Services

As a fully accredited provider of inspection services, our specialist team provides third-party organisations with a simple and accessible way to oversee the installation quality of their products by installers.


We monitor installers on behalf of third-party clients via office and on-site audits. These audits can be specifically tailored to individual needs.

Clients who require inspection services can be assured of a high degree of expertise from the BBA, derived from over 50 years’ experience in assessing construction products and systems.

Our independent and unbiased product and installation information gives clients a clear view of how their products are being installed. Our Client Managed Inspection Services enable organisations across the UK to demonstrate that they meet necessary regulatory requirements because they have been inspected by an accredited body.

For Local Authorities, we can offer inspections and appraisals of sub-contracted works for their housing stock. We also have a team of experienced highways inspectors who can assess road repairs and installations, who advise on work quality and materials and carry out condition and durability assessments on existing road and pavement surfaces.

We currently carry out inspections on behalf of:

The BBA also acts as a Scheme Operator for Trustmark

TrustMark-registered firms are expected to be of the highest standard and to operate to government-endorsed standards. Every firm’s technical skills are independently checked through on-site inspections, with background checks on their trading records and financial status.

Qualified BBA inspectors undertake these visits to make sure that technical competence, as well as proper business practices and customer satisfaction are properly monitored. All our field inspectors have an extensive background in the insulation industry, and their professionalism is the foundation on which the BBA stands, as each has all the knowledge and skill required to meet the high standards required in the Energy Efficiency industry.

TrustMark is a scheme that checks all three cornerstones of quality - trading practices, customer care and technical competence. Firms that fail to meet TrustMark standards can be taken through a complaints and disciplinary process, and Scheme Operators offer an effective dispute resolution service to firms and their customers.


Technical Monitoring services for Energy Suppliers under ECO


Saving energy is increasingly important part of how we live, and using sustainable products is an integral part of how we operate in the construction industry.

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) requires suppliers to deliver energy-efficiency measures (such as insulation) to domestic premises. As part of this OFGEM-administered scheme, which runs alongside the Green Deal, suppliers must instruct suitably-qualified and independent agents to carry out technical monitoring on a sample of the ECO measures that they have installed. The BBA can help Energy Companies fulfil this obligation.

The BBA is a leading independent Technical Monitoring Agent, with our own experienced and fully-trained inspectors who have excellent UK-wide coverage.

The technical monitoring we offer is split into three sections, and is carried out at different stages of the installation process:

  • Competence of operatives on site – this is carried out at the pre-installation/preparatory works stage and mid-installation stage
  • Scoring (compliance with ECO guidelines and legislation) – this is carried out at the post-installation stage
  • Installation standards (carbon/cost) - This ensures that the quotas for inspections in order to make sure that complex measures, such as external wall insulation, are seen at all stages

With our substantial experience, skills and knowledge as a UKAS accredited inspection body we can help you meet OFGEM requirements under ECO.

We current offer this service to:


Audit and Inspection services