Product approval & certification

BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

Competent Person Scheme

Installers of solid wall systems can now join the BBA’s Competent Person Scheme (CPS) to self-certify their solid wall insulation work. The BBA will issue a certificate to the installer’s client and advise the relevant Local Authority that the work has taken place.


The BBA Competent Person Scheme (CPS) is an initiative that allows installers of solid wall systems to self-certify their solid wall insulation work.

Based on the documents submitted, the BBA will issue a certificate to the installer’s client and advise the relevant Local Authority that the work requested by them has taken place.

Being part of the scheme means installers can:

Audit and inspection

  • Save time by not having to notify Local Authorities prior to commencement or completion of their work, as this will be done by the BBA
  • Save money as they don’t have to pay a local council or an approved building inspector to check their work
  • Win more business as they can charge their clients lower prices as there are no building control fees to pay; the householder also benefits by paying less for the work

Registration under the Scheme is voluntary, so installers can continue to use Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and building inspectors if preferred.

As part of the BBA CPS, installers are assessed to ensure they meet the necessary level of competence required before they’re registered. Once registered, there will be ongoing inspections of their work to make sure the required standards continue to be met.

As a BBA-registered CPS installer, you will be required to abide by the rules of the scheme as required by Government and the BBA, including the provision of a guarantee for all work carried out under the CPS.

If you are not already part of a BBA installer scheme, we operate alternative programmes, depending on what type of work you wish to access. You can participate in any of these schemes individually or together as an integrated, cost-effective package.

What happens when you get assessed

We will require details of your guarantee provider and public liability details before we begin the assessment process. 

 We currently accept the following 4 Guarantee Providers:

  • Kinnell ECO
  • The Green Deal & Eco Company

Once we receive this, the assessment process will include a visit to both your business premises, and a work-in-progress (onsite) visit to inspect a sample of the installations that your company carries out. This confirms that you are compliant with the relevant scheme requirements.

Contact us to start the process.

Audit and Inspection services